Tooling giant Frontline creates one-stop-shop for all brands

INDIANAPOLIS - Frontline Tooling Solutions, one of North America's largest providers of cutting tools and sharpening services, has announced the launch of two new businesses: Peak ToolWorks and MaxxLife. Both businesses will streamline Frontline's products and services to the marketplace.

Peak ToolWorks creates a one-stop-shop for all woodworking and composite tools owned by Frontline, whose brands include NAP Gladu, General Saw, RKO Saw, SuperSand, Intooligence, Techniks, Parlec, as well as Frontline-branded tools.


"Peak ToolWorks represents the most comprehensive and innovative bundle of cutting tool solutions, delivered by the largest North American network of cutting tool service experts, personalized sales support staff, and route drivers that deliver products from its own brands," the company said in a release.

The second business, MaxxLife, is a complete service provider for precision sharpening and reconditioning services, available through Frontline's 15 sharpening centers across North America. Each of the locations will be a certified MaxxLife Service Center, focused on creating a standard of consistency and returning tools to customers within the promised delivery period.

"The goal of MaxxLife service centers is to go beyond traditional sharpening services by offering the best quality and highest standards in the industry," said Vern Cameron, Frontline CEO. "Every single tool is inspected, tested, and certified to OEM specifications. We have made a significant investment in equipment upgrades to maintain the integrity of our customers' cutting tools. We guarantee tools will be sharpened to specifications with precision - the first time, every time, and on time."

"We are excited to introduce the Peak ToolWorks and MaxxLife companies, which were designed to complement one another and deliver first-of-their-kind value to the market," said Cameron. "These customer-focused entities will give cutting tool users a unified source for direct sales and service, as well as complete access to the best product brands in the industry."

Last March, Techniks Industries rebranded as Frontline Tooling Solutions.

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