SCM North America customers help students understand machine operation

SAN JACINTO, Calif. -- SCM North America, along with two of their customers in Southern California, Excel Cabinets and Reeves Enterprises, recently provided students from San Jacinto High School’s Industrial Wood Technologies program the opportunity to witness a machine installation and to see, first-hand, cabinet building technology in motion.

Over two days, this job shadow experience gave these woodworking students from San Jacinto, California, an inside look into factory performance optimization; SCM machine research and acquisition; and general day-to-day business operations.

On the first day, students saw CNC nesting cell installation at Excel Cabinets, Corona, California. During the installation of SCM’s X200 CNC nesting cell at Excel Cabinets, the students, Roman McNabb and Richard Zendejas, and their instructor, Roy Castillo, were able to see the placement and leveling of the machine, followed by the final assembly, calibration, and quality assurance inspection orchestrated by one of SCM’s field service engineers.

The second day included a factory tour at Reeves Enterprises in La Verne, California. During the visit at Reeves Enterprises, the students saw the process of building high end commercial cabinets in a fully automated environment.

Brad Reeves, vice president of Reeves Enterprises, explained to the group how adjustments support cutting profiles, holes, and grooves, which is all supported in parametric cabinet design using G-Code programming. The code is created with Cabinet Vision, which is a computer automated drafting and manufacturing program that creates all the project paperwork. This is what is used at Reeves Enterprises to support a fully integrated Screen-To-Machine (S2M) operation.

 “My students have a very manual and tactile experience in wood technology and it is in that background that many of the lessons we took part in with SCM were meaningful,” said Castillo. “The scale, efficiency, and workflow of these sorts of facilities gave my students access to what it might be like as a contemporary machine operator. The depth of parametric design and Screen-To-Machine operations supported our expectations in project planning. We found parallels in our plan of procedure project paperwork and the post processing/G-Code used at Reeves Enterprises.”

San Jacinto High School’s Industrial Wood Technologies provides students exposure to a wide array of tools and machinery:  industrial hand, portable and stationary tools/equipment.  Students enrolled in this program engage in an instructional environment where academic and technical preparation will focus on career awareness, career exploration and skill preparation in woodworking technologies. The knowledge and skills emphasized in this program include written and manufacturing activities.

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