QUEBEC CITY, Que. -- Conception R.P. has obtained the largest contract in its history, at $ 6.7 million CAD.

The company announced the contract for a U.S. customer. It was too early, however, to disclose the name of the company and the city where it will occur. The project will last a little over a year and will involve the hiring of 10 to 15 people for the company, which currently has about 30 employees.

Conception R.P. designs and manufactures fingerjointing equipment.

“We are a small company in Quebec City, but our competition is global giants in the equipment industry. We are very proud of what we accomplished,” says Louis-André Landry Levesque, business development manager.

Discussions between the two companies began more than 20 months ago in a major trade fair in Germany. “We met them there the first time, then we went to meet them at their plant, they came to meet us here, we brought them to Sweden to see a factory we designed over there. Finally, we finalized the contract on May 16,” said Landry Levesque

 “We use fingerjointing cutters to shape wood pieces to the appropriate fingerjointing configuration, then we apply glue, we finger joint them and we finally press the final finger jointed products. It is a technology that applies to many products, such as mouldings,” said Landry Levesque.

The machinery designed can be used for example in the furniture or door and window industries. “It can also apply for structural products, such as studs or I-beam flanges. The American customer is in the cross-laminated timber industry.

“Countervailing duties in Canada at this time are of great benefit to forest producers in the United States. That’s why they are looking to invest in equipment and increase their production capabilities “says Mr. Landry Levesque.

The machinery will be built in Quebec before being sent to the United States when each section will be ready in the equivalent of 18 trucks.

“It is a turning point in our growth. It puts us on a better position regarding the cross laminated wood market.” Conception R.P. has carried out projects all over the world (Canada, United States, Chile, China, Australia and in many European countries). We are now looking forward to develop the Brazilian market, which is a huge timber remanufacturing industry.

“Since we have customers all over the world, our people have many opportunities to travel. It’s really exciting,” said Landry Levesque. With the shortage of manpower, hiring for this new contract may be a challenge. We are looking for engineers, designers, welders, electro technicians and assemblers.

The company is a member of a group that consists of Automatisation JRT and Calibrateck, which deal respectively with the electrical component (control cabinets) and maintenance.


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