Vionaro Wins the Red Dot Design Award in 2014
June 16, 2014 | 2:11 pm CDT

The GRASS Vionaro, a cubist drawer system, is a spectacular de-sign solution for all living area and kitchen storage requirements. The product won the approval of the expert jury of the renowned Red Dot Award that was impressed by the minimalist overall system design. This is the fourth time that the specialist for movement systems, which focuses on innovations as a central pillar of its success, won the renowned international design prize.

Vionaro Wins the Red Dot Design Award in 2014The Red Dot Design Award is regarded as the ultimate accolade. The jury, made up of 40 design professionals from 25 nations, praised sev-eral features of the Vionaro drawer system - its functionality, high level of innovation, formal quality and ecological compatibility. The experts also enthused about the slim drawer side that only measures 13 milli-metres and that is fully in line with the trend towards minimalist forms and high-quality materials for furniture interiors. The drawer sides, available with a height of up to 185 millimetres, are available in either aluminium or steel. The single section steel drawer side is welded with state-of-the-art laser technology which provides additional stability. Vionaro combines all the advantages of a double-wall drawer system with the external styling and storage space of a concealed slide system. The slim, streamlined designer drawer is based on the Dynapro slide system, in use millions of times over, that also won the product design Red Dot Award 2010.

Innovative products as a central element of the brand philosophy

With the Red Dot Design Award GRASS once more underlines its focus on developing innovative and sustainable products with a high appeal. "The latest studies on the future developments in furniture design were used as the basis for the design of Vionaro, that does full justice to the trend towards minimalism in all respects," comments Ronald Weber, Chairman of the GRASS Executive Board. "It is very important for us to combine functionality and design on the highest level in our products. This succeeded really well with the very slim, fully joint-free Vionaro drawer side. Both aluminium and steel Vionaro versions can be mounted on the same slide system as a wooden drawer, which has great additional benefits for customers, as they are able to offer completely different price or design lines with one single slide," Ronald Weber continues.

Success on the market with the trend-setting innovation

GRASS has always placed great value on the development of innovative products that not only react to the current market demands but actively inspire new trends. The twelve technical property rights show how many ideas and developments are incorporated in Vionaro. The Dynapro slide on which Vionaro is based also has a number of additional patents. "In-novations are one of our main priorities. This applies to the constant optimisation of existing systems as well as new products. The large number of patent applications shows how many trend-setting innovations our products involve that ultimately ensure the technological future of GRASS," explains Markus Sperner, Head of Industrial Property Rights.

Before Vionaro the jury of the Red Dot Award were already impressed by the Sensotronic comfort system, the Tiomos hinge system and the Dynapro slide system. GRASS focuses continuously on the development of new products that are designed to set benchmarks in the sector. "It is our declared aim to further our position as the leading supplier of inno-vative movement systems," Ronald Weber comments.

Source: GRASS

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