Spiral staircases solve space issues
August 15, 2011 | 5:43 pm CDT
BROOMALL, Pa., FEBRUARY 23, 2009 - In these troubled economic times, when finances are of paramount concern and families cannot afford to move, The Iron Shop has a solution to increasing living space in your current residence.

By converting an attic, loft or basement into a viable living space, individuals can increase square footage exponentially. By adding a spiral stair instead of a traditional straight stair to access the new living area further adds to the square footage by taking up less floor space, adding valuable room to your home.

"Spiral stairs are an excellent solution when there is limited space or a situation where you want to create more living space," says Sam Cohen of The Iron Shop. "They take up less square footage than a traditional stair on both the upper and lower floors. They tend to become the focal point of a room because of their uniqueness. With the economy the way it is, and families having to downsize, cut costs and even change living arrangements where more than one family may be living in a residence, a spiral stair can help to add square footage to a limited space area."

The Iron Shop designs stairs to meet various building codes and helps customers with the overall design and layout for their specific application. For more information about The Iron Shop and its products, call 1-800-523-7427, ext. PR-NR.

Since 1931, The Iron Shop has enjoyed a reputation for outstanding design and fabrication of custom-built spiral, curved and floating stairs. Today, The Iron Shop has grown to become the leading manufacturer of spiral stair kits, with over one hundred thousand satisfied customers worldwide. The Iron Shop's main plant and showroom, located just outside Philadelphia, has four regional showroom/warehouse locations near Los Angeles, Tampa, Houston and Chicago.

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