Smart-Bit pre-drilling tool receives patents
August 15, 2011 | 5:43 pm CDT

EDISON, NJ – Starborn Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fasteners and related products for the building industry, has expanded on its domestic and international sales success of its SMART-BIT® pre-drilling & countersinking tool with the receipt of patents in both Australia and Canada. Now available anywhere in the world, SMART-BIT was specifically designed by Starborn Industries to create the perfect countersink hole after hole. As a result, it has become “the preferred tool” for deck builders, carpenters and woodworkers looking to remove the guesswork from pre-drilling and countersinking in one step and with one tool.

“We are thrilled by the way SMART-BIT has been accepted by professionals and consumers internationally,” says Larry Crossley, Vice President of Sales at Starborn Industries. “It is the perfect all-purpose tool for nearly any composite or wood application ranging from decking and trim work to cabinetry and furniture making. Due to our extensive product development efforts, we’ve combined several unique features, such as our POWERBOLIC® bit design, to ensure that the SMART-BIT quickly and easily produces the proper countersink every time.”

Each SMART-BIT® is designed with a countersink portion that is proportionate to the head of each corresponding screw size. Subsequently, SMART-BIT® matches the head diameter, head angle and countersink depth to provide the perfect hole and fit. Other key features include a stop collar that spins free of the drill bit and a rubber O-ring that ensure the tool stops properly each time without leaving marks.

All SMART-BIT pre-drilling & countersinking tools are packaged with a hex wrench and two easy-to-change replacement bits available in #7 and #8 trim, as well as #10, #12 and #14 flat sizes. Replacement bits can also be purchased in packages of five.

Starborn Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative fasteners and related products for the building industry. Founded in 1961, the company holds a well-deserved, industry-wide reputation for fresh thinking within the highly-commoditized deck building, and woodworking businesses. Starborn products including its HEADCOTE®, SMART-BIT®, PRO PLUG® and DECKFAST® brands are also now available internationally through distributors and dealers servicing all of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean and Australia.

SOURCE: Starborn Industries Inc.

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