Renew Shelving… Finally a Solution for the Problematic Wire Shelf
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St.Louis - Everyone’s had their wire shelf experiences. Items tipping over, falling through the wire, grid marks on clothes, etc… not to mention the drabness. Homeowners were left to their own devices. That is until Renew®. Renew provides homeowners the simple & affordable solution to transform & refresh wire shelving at a fraction of the cost without the need to remove or remodel the existing wire shelves.

Solid top panels eliminate the inherent problems with wire shelves (tipping, fall through, marking) while the front rail attachments transform the look of wire to a modern decorative shelf. Renew is available in multiple finishes to match the existing style & create a fresh look the space. With everything needed to cover the wire shelf included, the closet is transformed in no time.

Renew works with all wire shelf brands, types & meshes. Renew's design provides a single product solution that works with 12, 16 & 20 inch shelf depths and covers the most common wire shelf face heights. This means homeowners can focus on transforming shelving without worrying about compatibility. Renew’s 2ft., 3ft. & 4ft. lengths allow for covering all standard distances and top panels & front rails can be cut to cover the exact dimension if required.

Homeowners interested in learning more about Renew Shelving can visit or call 1.800.487.6895 .

Source: John Louis Home

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