Reclaimed Oak Finds New Life as Flooring at Riding Center

Reclaimed Oak  Finds New Life as Flooring at Riding Center MENDON, NY - If old horses go to pasture, what do you do with old wood from a Thoroughbred horse farm? Pioneer Millworks reclaimed nearly 300,000 board feet of old Black & Tan Oak from large horse farms and re-milled it into flooring for the EquiCenter, a therapeutic horseback riding center dedicated to helping people with disabilities, at risk youth, veterans, and their families.

 The oak planks are now installed in the EquiCenter’s conference room and meeting room located in their Mendon, NY facility. Years of farm duty and exposure to the elements give this oak flooring a deep, tan hue, prominent grain patterns, textural interest, and the occasional reminder of its past life — character not found in fresh sawn oak.

 “We love the story behind these floors,” says Jonathan Friedlander, president and CEO of the EquiCenter. “The wood is unique, really outstanding. When our supporters, volunteers, and participants come through they always notice and comment on the beauty of the floor and they love the connection between the source of the wood and its current use. We often discuss the history and speculate about the horses that once lived with the wood.”

 Hugely popular with large retailers, designers, and homeowners, Pioneer Millworks sold out of its original inventory of Black & Tan Oak within a few months of introducing the product. “One of the challenging aspects of crafting flooring out of hard-to-find wood is that there’s not an infinite supply,” says Jered Slusser of Pioneer Millworks, “When we acquired more inventory we immediately thought of the EquiCenter. What better place for old Thoroughbred horse farm boards than inside this fantastic horse-centered therapeutic organization?”

 EquiCenter, Inc. began its programs in Mendon, NY in May of 2004, offering a number of therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, vaulting and horsemanship (equine facilitated mental health) sessions. Their goal is to provide a safe, appropriate, productive and enjoyable environment in which participants can work toward their individual goals.

 Pioneer Millworks is the leader in the reclaimed wood industry, having given more than 20 million board feet of old wood new life as flooring, millwork, cabinetry, and more. All sourced and manufactured in the USA from New York and Oregon — in a way that’s healthy for customers, employees, and the environment. Pioneer Millworks is FSC certified and Green America approved. All of their products are LEED point eligible.


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