Posture in Style's new 'Woody' chair
LOS ANGELES – Posture in Style, a distributor of ergonomic furniture designed specifically for children and their educational needs, today introduced the latest addition to its line of ergonomically correct workstation furniture with Woody, the robust swivel chair designed for kids and with a 3D luffing mechanism for natural bodyweight support. Created to encourage healthy posture from the first years in school, Woody comes in two sizes —small and medium—and seven various colors to accommodate the youngest academic through their teens. Providing optimum conditions while doing schoolwork early on promotes a child’s well-being and can thwart back pain which currently affects 80 percent of Americans at some time in their lives.

Posture in Style keeps the developing child in mind with an eagerness to please their sense of color and fun. The Woody chair easily compliments the popular line of desks and accessories currently available and create a work environment that is both comfortable for the body and mind as well as pleasing to the eye. By providing a modern design to an age-old problem —discomfort, pain and even disability caused by bad posture—ergonomic solutions such as the Woody chair can help prevent long-term side effects such as high blood pressure, bone spurs, intervertebral disc damage and fibrotic scar tissue.

Created for a dynamic and ergonomic sitting, the 3D luffing mechanism of the Woody supports the natural movements of the pelvis in all three dimensions to the front, the back and to the side. The seat shell is made of imperishable beech wood which sits on a five star foot base of resilient steel making the Woody chair stable and safe against tilting over. Features such as the gas lift spring to adjust the height makes it easy to maneuver for kids and the five year warranty assures parents of the Woody chair’s impeccable quality for years to come.

Keeping in theme with all of Posture in Style’s ergonomically correct furniture, the Woody chair’s sleek shape is also aesthetically designed to work into any student’s room with colors that include: natural beech wood grain ‘natur’, orange, red, pink; blue, and light green. A felt pad is also available to make the Woody chair more comfortable to sit on.

Rather than replacing a child’s furniture every few years, Posture in Style’s line is fully adjustable to accompany children from pre-school to high school and beyond adhering to proper ergonomic and isometric health conventions; this approach costs far less and offers families stronger value.

Posture in Style was founded by Roger Lin, a CEO with a track record for building successful enterprises. The company was born out of his own family’s need for stylish furniture that also enables a healthy lifestyle for their child. After searching far and wide, he found the solution abroad and recognized the market need in the United States. Posture in Style is dedicated to offering top-quality furniture that promotes children’s well-being while creating optimum conditions for a lifetime of healthy learning.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-609-5688.

About Posture in Style:
Posture in Style is the first company in the USA to carry the innovative German furniture line from moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH, which began manufacturing in 1925. The revolutionary line of ergonomic, functional desks and chairs are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, resulting in products that are aesthetically pleasing, feature rich and good for your health. Designed expressly for children, each piece of furniture grows as a child grows, ensuring proper posture and enabling healthy living throughout the child’s development. To inquire about this exclusive line, please visit or call 1-877-609-5688.

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