New Energy Works Fine Woodworking Group Adds CNC Capabilities

Shortsville, New York - NEWwoodworks, fine woodworking group at New Energy Works Timberframers, is expanding their custom woodworking capabilities with the addition of a Thermwood MTR-30 CNC tool. For over 20 years NEWwoodworks has specialized in handcrafted cabinetry, furniture, stairs, doors, and other custom designed interior furnishings. Incorporating the new CNC technology will increase the group’s flexibility in design and create greater efficiency.

“The CNC will allow us to be more productive, even with high custom designs like our live edge cabinetry,” explains Rob D’Alessandro, General Manger at NEWwoodworks. “Complex joinery, carvings, curves, and even typical furniture parts can be created more quickly leaving our craftsmen free to focus their unique capabilities on details, fit and finish.”

“Coupled with the fact that we will now be able to repeatedly cut large or small quantities of parts with extreme accuracy, we will also be able to expand our offering of highly detailed 3-dimensional carving and sculpting and 3-dimensional modeling – including photo-realistic renderings of project plans,” adds Marty Avila, NEWwoodworks designer and CNC guru. “We are very excited to see the various possibilities that can become reality with the aid of our new CNC.”

Slated for installation in early November, the CNC router will accurately replicate large volumes of common components such as casements for cabinetry and doors. “Particularly with larger projects, we expect NEWwoodworks will consistently produce multiples of large and small components with great efficiency in comparison to hand-tooling,” added Brian Mosch, General Manager of New Energy Works. “We’re excited to see this group’s already impressive skills grow and expand with the availability of a CNC tool.”

NEWwoodworks commonly crafts with reclaimed wood, often using near extinct species such as Chestnut and Elm. The new CNC includes additional reinforcement with stiffer axis to more easily cut solid forms from reclaimed material. “Crafting projects from antique reclaimed wood is a unique privilege. Reclaimed material is often much harder and more challenging to work with than fresh-sawn wood. The customized CNC will handle the old wood effortlessly,” continued D’Alessandro.

NEWwoodworks has been the fine woodworking division of New Energy Works Timberframers for over 20 years. They specialize in custom crafting cabinetry, furniture, stairs, doors, and other custom woodworking that is unique to the individual and harmonious with the project design. The group is well known for their expertise in handcrafting elements for timber frame homes and constructing projects with reclaimed and extraordinary wood.

New Energy Works Timberframers have been designing and building environmentally responsible timber frames across the USA for nearly 30 years from their facilities in New York and Oregon. Offerings include: Timber Framing (design, engineering, manufacturing, build), Enclosure Systems, Fine Woodworking, Recycled and Sustainable wood products. New Energy Works has a LEED AP staff member, is a member of the US Green Building Council and is FSC Certified.


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