KBIS 2014: Sugatsune Launches Fastmount Panel System

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Since its introduction last year, Sugatsune’s new panel clip system has gained a prodigious attraction from millworkers, architects, designers, and contractors. This revolutionary clip system allows easy installation and easy removal for access or replacement, while allowing a strong retention force. Developed first for yacht interiors, Fastmount’s versatility reaches across all architectural applications, such as hospitality, commercial, and healthcare. Modern construction materials and techniques can be combined with the Fastmount system to enable new build methods to be used, resulting in significant time and cost savings, as well as improving the quality of the finished work.

About Sugatsune America:

Sugatsune has a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing high-quality hardware. Our products combine unparalleled quality, ingenious design and meticulous attention to detail. We work hard to ensure that our friendly and efficient customer service accommodates your needs and your schedule.

Manufacturing the finest quality hardware is only part of our mission. With offices in Japan and distributorships in the U.S. and around the world, we offer prompt and courteous delivery, and efficient customer service. Browse through our products section for the most comprehensive line of quality hardware, such as stainless steel hardware, stainless steel drawer slides, LAPCON soft closing lid stays and high quality 3-way adjustable concealed hinges.

The company’s focus on manufacturing of excellent hardware, making great distribution partners and customer service earned it ISO 9001:2008 certifications. For more information, visit Sugatsune.com. Connect with Sugatsune America via Facebook (facebook.com/sugatsune) and Twitter (twitter.com/sugatsune). On youtube.com/sugatsuneamerica, plenty of product videos are available.

Source: Sugatsune America


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