IWF: REHAU to display tambour, edgeband solutions

LEESBURG, VA— REHAU will exhibit its range of edgeband and tambour door system capabilities at IWF® 2010, August 25-28, 2010.

“From overall product type and selection, to our stocking program’s breadth, to the custom capabilities we offer, REHAU’s furniture solutions program is truly unique in the industry,” said Dr. Thomas Troeger, North American business team manager for REHAU’s furniture business unit. “With our many years of experience, REHAU offers a well-rooted understanding of the dynamic needs of furniture, cabinetry, closet design and store fixture manufacturers, while also delivering ongoing innovation to address the latest industry trends.”

REHAU will exhibit the following at booth No. 2047:

LaserEdge™ Edgeband

New LaserEdge™ from REHAU is an innovative adhesive-free, non-PVC polypropylene (PP) laser edging technology that facilitates more efficient and environmentally responsible furniture manufacturing processes. A patented two-layer edgeband offered in proprietary PP, ABS or PMMA polymer formulations, it replaces commonly used PVC edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market. By eliminating adhesives, LaserEdge also significantly streamlines the edging application process, reducing both material and labor costs.

PP FlexEdge® and T-Molding

REHAU introduces polypropylene (PP) FlexEdge® edgeband and T-molding as environmentally friendly, PVC-free edging solutions for furniture manufacturing. Offering comparable processing properties to traditional PVC materials, PP FlexEdge and T-molding deliver on the increasing demand for sustainable, eco-conscious materials that also provide utilitarian solutions and address modern design trends.

Express Collection Edgeband and Tambour

REHAU edgeband solutions and tambour door systems are offered in the off-the-shelf Express Collection stocking program. The program encompasses thin, thick, semi-rigid, grain-through, fluted, Magic™ Translucent Metallic, Magic™ Metallic Line and Magic Creativo™ edgeband, as well as tambour door systems in matching and complementary finishes.

Innovative Tambour Door Systems
REHAU tambour door systems suit a wide variety of market applications, with customization options to match size, design and finish preferences, and to fit a variety of horizontal and vertical openings. These integrated, engineered systems require minimal space and provide full access to the cabinet contents—unlike sliding doors or hinged doors that open out into the work area. Their high-quality polymer formulation offers smoother, quieter operation than standard metal doors. Unlike wooden doors, REHAU’s durable polymer systems do not swell or stick with humidity.

Acoustic-Line™ Tambour Door System

REHAU’s Acoustic-Line™ tambour door system combines industry leading materials and a modern design to offer nearly seven times the sound absorption capabilities of conventional cabinets. With traditional acoustical solutions such as hollow ceiling cavities becoming less desirable in modern workspace design, office furniture is more frequently expected to serve dual functionality as a sound barrier. The Acoustic-Line tambour door system from REHAU is the first of its kind to successfully promote sound absorption via office furniture cabinetry and partition walls––melding an intelligent storage concept with an effective noise management solution.

VETRO™ Line Tambour Door System

REHAU’s VETRO™ Line tambour door system addresses modern kitchen design trends that incorporate glass doors and translucent materials. The VETRO Line combines the easy-to-install REHAU tambour door cassette system with 2-inch (50 mm) heat-tempered security glass slats, offering a sleek, translucent door solution for a wide variety of cabinet applications.

Appliance Garage Tambour Door Kit

REHAU offers the new appliance garage tambour door kit as part of its Express Collection stock program of edgeband, tambour door systems and related accessories. The complete, ready-to-install kit provides visually appealing countertop storage that facilitates convenient access to frequently used kitchen appliances.

ECOSTYLE™ Green Design Solutions

REHAU offers the next generation of non-PVC products suitable for office design, store fixture and "green" kitchen projects. REHAU’s ECOSTYLE™ line of edgeband and tambour doors is available in the same selection of sizes and finishes––solid colors, woodgrains, patterns and metallics––as its PVC line.

Impressions™ Edgeband Line

REHAU provides its ImpressionsTM edgeband line to address the latest design trends in prominent and captivating furniture edging. The Impressions line includes a variety of options––from natural wood to modern waves and lines––that enhance the edgeband’s role as an important design feature. It includes textured wood and creative embossing structures which can also be applied to REHAU’s complete selection of existing edgeband colors, patterns and finishes. It is additionally available for customized edging designs, in either PVC or alternative materials.

Inspirations™ Edgeband Designs

Recognizing the importance of cultivating innovation, artistry and originality in industry, REHAU has made “individual design solutions” a reality with its Inspiration™ edgeband. Inspirations™ is a fluid pool of designs that apply unique pattern, shape and texture against numerous “inspirational” sources––from exaggerated natural woodgrains, to the mimicking of a lace tablecloth, to a new take on the geometric patterns in modern artistry. Inspirations graphically translates artistry to edgebanding via REHAU’s RAUDIGITAL™ printing technology, which enables accurate and efficient sampling and production.

SoftEdge™ Edgeband Line

REHAU’s SoftEdge™ edgeband line offers an impact cushioning technology for softer, quieter cabinet operation. SoftEdge also provides enhanced sealing that improves protection for the inside of the cabinet against dust and other elements.

REHAU delivers “Unlimited Polymer Solutions,” and is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive and industry. The company generates continuous growth through its expertise and innovative capabilities in materials development, systems design and surface technology. Approximately 15,000 employees at more than 170 locations around the world ensure success of the independent, privately held company.

Source: REHAU


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