interzum: Contingent of Spanish manufacturers
August 16, 2011 | 9:09 am CDT
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interzum: Contingent of Spanish manufacturers

This year Southern Europe is extremely well represented at interzum 2011 thanks to a major contingent of various Spanish suppliers. The “COFEARFE” association, a group of Spanish metal and DIY goods producers, and “CONFEMADERA”, the Spanish confederation of the woodworking industries, have organised the participation of some of their member companies with the help of Spanish export institute “ICEX”.

“COFEARFE” was able to persuade 21 of its member companies to take part, which will be joined by a delegation of four firms from “CONFEMADERA”. Together they will be occupying a total area of more than 1,500 m² and presenting their new products, designs and innovations in a wide variety of different halls.

Companies like Adinor, Funcotex, Lamigraf, Indaux, Plastimodul, Visdeltex or Top Form, to name but a few, have realised how important a presence at the world’s leading fair interzum is for boosting global exports. A wise move: no other trade fair gives visitors such a comprehensive opportunity for gathering such wide-ranging information. Accordingly, the visitor structure is extremely international: more than 50,000 visitors are expected to attend this year’s interzum, around 2/3 of them from abroad (130 countries).

For the Spaniards, however, the strong German furniture industry is reason enough to use their presence at interzum from 25th to 28th May as an opportunity for making new contacts – especially in view of their persistently weak domestic market. And Spain definitely has a lot to offer: the entire woodworking industry is extremely attractive and in recent years the hardware and fittings sector has blossomed into an active branch of industry that is steadily gaining significance in terms of technology and design. At interzum, all the participating firms will be helping to raise awareness of quality “made in Spain”.

Apart from this joint initiative, many other Spanish producers will be present in Cologne, including Munksjö Paper, Cusbor, Grupo Albert 2000 and Smattex.

SOURCE: interzum

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