HOMAG Ambition 2275 Edge Banding Machine
July 22, 2013 | 9:21 pm CDT

HOMAG launched a promotional machine at LIGNA 2013 to fulfill the diverse requirements of today's joiners and carpenters. The result is the Ambition 2275 edge banding machine — a complete machine equipment package that leaves nothing to be desired. And a positive "side-effect" is the reduction in edge waste of up to EUR 5000 per year!

HOMAG Ambition 2275 Edge Banding MachineThe workpieces are prepared for processing using the separating agent. In the subsequent machining process, users benefit from the following advantages:

• The servo edge feed significantly reduces edge waste — rapidly enabling savings of up to EUR 5000 a year in edge material. The edges are fed to the front and rear edge of the panel with the smallest possible overhang at an accuracy of +/- 2–3 mm

• Joint trimming with 125-mm workpiece diameters eliminates any possible damage to the laminated surface

• The gluing station enables edge materials up to a maximum of 3 mm thick or wooden strips up to 20 mm thick to be processed.

• The hot melt glue pot is equipped with a rapid change system. This makes the change between different glue colors or between hot-melt glue and PU quick and easy with just a few movements, taking a maximum of one minute

• The magazine height adjustment allows you to process edge strips, for example with a height of 27 mm, on both 24-mm thick panels as well as on 19-mm panels. Gluing still takes place with the same edge overhang at the top and bottom

• The separating device with suction unit ensures secure gluing of laminate or veneer strips, without two strips being drawn in at the same time

• After cutting and pre-milling, the profile trimming unit provides all-round machining of the edge. The patented side tracing prevents bright streaks from appearing on the narrow surface

• To change the trimming to different profiles, e.g. 2-mm radius to 3-mm radius, simply replace the head on the trimming unit — in less than 40 seconds

• The extended machine base has a free space which can be used to accommodate a grooving unit or a multi-scraper. Even if the is left unoccupied , the workpieces are finished with the built-in profile scraper and the finishing unit

With the Ambition 2275, there are no compromises — and your production process is flexible and efficient. You can glue edges, cut precisely and carry out post-processing — including rounding off the front sides. The finishing unit at the outfeed ensures smooth edges. In the empty space on the machine, you can add a grooving unit or a multi-scraper. And all this has been available at an unbeatable price since LIGNA 2013.


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