Evolve Systems Debuts Light Panel System at NeoCon 2014

EVOLVE SYSTEMS - Designed for the way people work, Evolve meets the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace. Featuring simple, crisp and clean aesthetics, Evolve’s adaptability provides limitless planning possibilities for a greater return on your investment. Furniture for today, flexibility for tomorrow.

Evolve’s Light Panel System creates a sense of openness without sacrificing individual space or storage capabilities. Shared workstations promote collaboration and reduce the overall footprint. Open frame legs provide more space under the surface, while the tool rails keep the worksurface clear when combined with hanging accessories. A variety of cabinet configurations offer multiple solutions to storage requirements. Cables can also be routed through the base of the cabinets, minimizing the need for power feeds.

Create privacy anywhere - Evolve’s panels are stackable in 6”, 12”, 18” & 24” modules from 30 inches up to 25 feet and allow private offices to be constructed without relying on existing walls. Interchangeable fabric, laminate and glass finish options can be used to achieve varying privacy, acoustical and aesthetic needs without needing to disassemble panels off-site. Evolve can easily grow and reconfigure as your needs change.

Promote collaboration, while retaining a sense of individual space. The Evolve Panel System can be stacked and switched for maximum flexibility and effortless reconfiguration. Panels also integrate plug and play connectivity at the worksurface and offer proven wire management to meet your power and data needs. Cost-effective planning is made easy with Evolve’s range of ergonomic worksurfaces and practical storage options.

Our environmental success story began with the challenge to create an office system that would meet today’s business requirements while maintaining a firm commitment to save and protect the environment. Sustainability became a part of the creative focus and development of Evolve that incorporates the latest technology and design features to provide excellent performance at a competitive price. Evolve sets a standard for reducing waste and recycling materials in its manufacturing.


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