Diversified Machine Systems Named Colorado Companies to Watch
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DMS CNC Routers Table Top Series - DMS 3 Axis Office Machining Center
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DMS Large Format 5-Axis Gantry CNC Machine Center
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DMS 5 Axis Moving Table CNC Router
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Freedom Machine Tool Patriot 4 x 8 3 Axis CNC Router
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DMS World Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO - Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) is proud to announce that they’ve been named as one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado as awarded by the 2014 Colorado Companies to Watch. This award acknowledges the drive, excellence and influence of DMS as a growing, second stage company that develops valuable products and delivers high quality service, which creates jobs and new industries, especially in Colorado.

“We’re honored to be recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch. We can attribute this growth to a great product - our strength is in our ability to customize our machines. At least 55% of the machines we build are unique to the customer’s needs, with a lot of growth coming from the aerospace and composite industries. Additionally the continual improvements in efficiencies allow us to be even more competitive globally. All of this has contributed to the 100% growth in both staff and in revenues since 2010,” explains Patrick Bollar, DMS President & CEO.

A move to the DMS World Headquarters in 2013 has allowed for exponential production growth with the last two months hitting record numbers. This year, DMS has slated to ship 140 CNC machines, and are now able to produce up to 200 annually, with estimated number of machines to ship reaching over 155. Having already hired 8 new employees, DMS has budgeted to hire another 3 this year, exceeding their typical addition of 8 employees per year.

Sales numbers have also been high, with this year’s growth which was initially slated to be 19% to now be estimated to be closer to 25%. Much of this growth can be attributed to international sales, which accounts for approximately one third of their business, as DMS expands their reach into emerging market areas such as India, South America, Asia, Europe, and more.

“We are pleased to recognized Diversified Machine Systems for their outstanding contribution in fueling the economic fire in Colorado. Thank you, DMS,” says David Tolson, Colorado Companies to Watch Board Chairman.

Colorado Companies to Watch is a non-profit organization that recognizes the driving economic forces in the state by focusing no just on growth, but on true impact and influence of the companies that it awards. They focus on second stage companies across all industries statewide, offering distinct insight into the state’s economic landscape. The thorough application process helps recognize organizations that may have been overlooked, and acknowledge them for the critical impact that they have in their industries, regions and for Colorado as a whole. The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade launched the program in 2009 in conjunction with the Edward Lowe Foundation and valuable community partners from across Colorado.

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) was also presented with the 2013 Regional Business Excellence in Manufacturing Award in November. Learn more at DMSCNCRouters.com.


Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) is a leading designer and manufacturer of 3 axis & 5 axis CNC routers and large format CNC machine centers with headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. With more than 30 years of innovation and industry experience as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, DMS’ line of CNC routers and machining centers are routinely used on materials such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, and foams. Renowned for quality and precision, our advanced machining centers are engineered to increase efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the quality and precision our clients have come to expect from DMS. Freedom Machine Tool, an affordable, industrial-quality line of 3 axis CNC routers is a subsidiary brand of DMS.

Source: Diversified Machine Systems

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