Davie County receive $3.5 million land grant

The Davie County Economic Development Commission (EDC) today announced that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has donated approximately 360 acres of land in Davie County to the EDC. The land has a property tax value of $3.5 million.

 “R.J. Reynolds’ gift of this prime industrial site greatly enhances the Commission’s economic development opportunities and consequent job creation,” said Terry Bralley, president of the EDC. “This gift is especially important, given the present economic climate. This contribution represents what our EDC hopes will be a model for other substantial gifts of industrial sites. The EDC and all citizens of Davie County are sincerely thankful to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco for its thoughtful and generous gift.”

“We are proud to be a part of the continued economic development of the region with this most recent donation,” said Andrew Gilchrist, president and chief commercial officer for R.J. Reynolds. “As our community continues to transform, we have the opportunity to grow and thrive even in these tough economic times, and efforts like those by the Davie County EDC are truly making a difference.”

About the Davie County Economic Development Commission

The EDC was formed for the charitable purpose of lessening the burdens of Government. This goal is accomplished through economic development activities which include: engaging in economic development projects aimed at preserving existing jobs and creating new jobs, preserving existing work force skills, creating opportunities for the development of new work force skills, maintaining existing tax base and creating new tax base, and assisting Davie County and its municipalities in obtaining grants which supplement or offset the need for the use of local tax dollars for public projects. Other activities include creatively addressing economic, employment, health and the educational needs of Davie County and its municipalities as they arise.


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