TROY, MI – Affinity Tool Works, LLC, a dynamic, privately-owned global tool company providing professional and consumer tools under the BORA, Portamate and HTC brands, today announced the launch of BORA’s newest product, the Wide Track Clamp Edge Saw Guide (WTX Clamp Edge), representing a significant advancement in today’s precision cutting market.

On the new WTX Clamp Edge, the traditional channel bar has been removed, allowing for each of the rubberized soft grip clamping pads to self-clamp to the cutting surface.  Built with rigid extrusion construction for no flex and superior strength, the BORA WTX Clamp Edge – available in 24, 36 and 50-inch models – is perfect for both professionals and DIYers, and is versatile enough to use with circular saws, jig saws, router and other tools.

The WTX Clamp Edge can reduce typical two-man cutting jobs down to a solo project, increasing productivity and providing a more efficient use of labor. Additionally, it enhances worksite safety by allowing precise cutting to be achieved with a circular saw or jig saw, a far safer alternative to an open-blade table saw.

“The BORA Wide Track Clamp Edge Saw Guide is just the latest in innovative tool solutions brought to you by Affinity Tool Works,” said Todd Gluski, Affinity’s brand manager.  “Having seen the need for a better precision cutting option, we took our existing Wide Track Clamp Edge design and improved upon it to bring our customers another best-in-class product.”

The WTX Clamp Edge is built to suit a variety of applications, including woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and do-it-yourself remodeling projects. The 24-inch model is most commonly used as a fence on table saws, router tables or drill presses, and is also perfect for small cutting projects. Ideal for trimming doors on remodeling jobs, the 36-inch Clamp Edge is able to handle slightly larger projects too big for the 24-inch model. The 50-inch Clamp Edge has been designed for 48-inch cuts and is primarily used for cross cutting sheets of plywood or other sheet goods and offers extra stability on smaller or mid-size projects. With the new optional extension and connectors, any of the three WTX Clamp Edge sizes can be expanded by an additional 50 inches of cutting capacity with purchase of additional extender pieces and connectors

The BORA WTX Clamp Edge retails from $40-$100, depending on the size purchased. This product is available nationwide at select Big Box and hardware retailers.

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About Affinity Tool Works, LLC:

Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results, the product brands under the Affinity umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products, and exclusive brands distributed include: FISCH, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information,


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