Alpilignum Fumed Oak a new chapter in wood products
August 16, 2011 | 9:08 am CDT
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Alpilignum Fumed Oak a new chapter in wood products

Year after year, Alpi’s continuous commitment to research pushes and redefines the boundaries of wood products, adding new and original interpretations to the Company’s rich collection of decorative veneers for finished surfaces.

Hence, Alpilignum has long been the ideal solution for interior designers and manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, particularly as the range is available in an infinite selection of colours and grains.

The collection has recently been enhanced with the addition of the Fumed Oak line. This new family of decorative veneers, which reproduces a natural smoked oak veneer, was developed by Alpi Wood Lab – the company’s advanced research laboratory that focuses on products to compliment the latest market trends.

Available in six different controlled shades, which can be consistently reproduced over time, the Fumed Oak line lends an enhanced material strength to the surface and is perfectly attuned to the latest trends in the world of interior furnishings and design.

Like all woods in the Alpilignum Collection, this product is ready-for-delivery and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

All of the wood used in the manufacturing of the Alpi collections is of controlled and certified origin (OLB international certification – Origine et Legalité du Bois; FSC certification – Forest Stewardship Council).

Alpi Group is the world leader in the production of multilaminar wood, which it manufactures by means of exclusive technology that permits the appearance of any type of natural wood to be reproduced using wood originating from rapid-growth plantations or forest concessions held by our subsidiary Alpicam. Alpi Group respects the strictest “codes of conduct”, recognizing that forests are a renewable source of raw material and, more importantly, common resources.

Alpi is a member of the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT), with which the company has been working on developing sustainable forest management in Cameroon since 2007.

Alpi Group has also obtained FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which confirms that the Italian Poplar and the African Ayous utilized in production originate from a forest that is managed in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. The Italian Poplar and Ayous used by Alpi Group create an infinite variety of wood veneers whose quality and size are ideally suited to meet the needs of designers and manufacturers of furniture and doors.

SOURCE: Alpi Group

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