Biesse Group donates personal protective visors made by 3D printer
April 13, 2020 | 3:37 pm CDT

Biesse Group is providing support for the fight against Covid-19. Following a donation for the purchase of technology to help the most critical patients and a fundraising campaign, the manufacturing departments are also being recruited, including the unit that handles additive manufacturing.

Designers, who usually use a 3D printer for batch production and to create prototypes for Biesse's tech products, have been perfecting a prototype for the production of personal protective equipment to be donated to Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord as early as this week. Visors are being manufactured to provide important protection for the mouth and eyes by shielding the whole face against infection, thereby protecting doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers.
The product is entirely made by Biesse: the frame for the visor is 3D printed at the plant in Via della Meccanica while the protective transparent visor is manufactured by Axxembla, a unit owned by the group that usually produces the protective coverings for machines. Machining operations have been entrusted to a Rover A Plast FT, Biesse's equipment for machining advanced materials.  
“We immediately offered to use our 3D printer to help with the health emergency and checked which of the products that hospitals need most, due to current market shortages, we would be able to produce. We decided to manufacture and donate the visors to Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord to offer tangible support for those who are on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19 every day,” said Roberto Selci, Biesse Group CEO.
“We monitored all the devices produced with 3D printers online,” added Michele Tombari, Director of the relevant mechanical technology centre, “in order to put our competencies and technology at work in the service of those who are battling the virus directly.”

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