LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec – Tafisa was granted an exemption by the Quebec government allowing it to resume the manufacture of particleboard and thermally fused laminate needed for the manufacture of hospital and food furnishings and fixtures.

According to laTribune, Tafisa temporarily halted operations as mandated by a provincial order for all non-essential businesses to close through April 13 in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The company, however, was able to successfully argue the case that its manufacturing activities are essential for supplying customers with panel products needed by the healthcare and food sectors.

As a result, Tafisa, the largest employer in Lac-Mégantic is operating one of its two particleboard production lines as well as two of its laminating lines. The newspaper also reported that Tafisa had laid off 48 of its 350 production employees.

"We sell a lot to distributors and they advised us that among their customers, there are several companies that manufacture cabinets, counters or different types of products that can be used to separate or contain people," Louis Brassard, president and CEO of Tafisa, told LaTribune. “(W)e will be doubly vigilant about health and safety and hygiene measures in the factory to prevent the spread of the virus here."

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