MOOSE JAW, SASK. -- Kerry DePape, president of R.L. Cushing Millwork Co. and active AWMAC member died on Saturday, June 1, 2019 in a plane crash.  Kerry was enroute from his soon-to-be son-in-law’s pre-wedding celebration in Medicine Hat, AB. The plane had three passengers that included the future father-in-law of Kerry’s daughter and a friend of the family, Justin Filtreau. There were no survivors in the plane crash.
According to AWMAC, "Admired for his enthusiasm, outstanding achievements and noble qualities, Kerry was incredible in every sense of the word. He was passionately devoted to his family, friends, his company and AWMAC.
"Kerry helped lead the way by actions and words. Since 2001, Kerry was involved in AWMAC and was a voice of influence on AWMAC’s boards and committees. First becoming an AWMAC member of the Saskatchewan Chapter in 2001, Kerry continued as a member over the last 19 years. He became the Chapter’s Vice-President in 2007 and the President in 2009 through 2014. Kerry joined the AWMAC National Board in 2011 and had just retired from the position at the recent 2019 Annual General Meeting in Victoria, BC."
Kerry spent six years working on AWMAC’s woodworking manuals. He was heavily involved in the development of both the AWS edition 2 (2013 & 2014) and the NAAWS Manual. Kerry joined the NAAWS Committee in 2014 and was elected as Chair 2017. Kerry continued to Chair the committee up until his passing. 
"Kerry was truly a champion and a force of nature, one whose passing leaves an unimaginable gap in AWMAC and the woodworking industry, as well as in the lives of his family, friends, and colleagues. Yet he also leaves us with a deep determination to honor his legacy of compassion and focus. He dedicated his life to improving the woodworking industry and he leaves us with a desire to rally together like never before to ensure that his work is seen through to completion." 


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