CENTREVILLE, N.L. - New Wood Manufacturers Inc., of Newfoundland and Labrador, received a $62,750 grant from the provincial government, allowing it to purchase equipment for more efficient production of stairway treads, handrails, and components.
The grant, along with an equal investment from the company itself, allowed for the purchase of a 12-inch moulder and a computerized production tracking system, among others.
“The addition of a 12-inch moulder increases our capacity to produce stair treads, thus reducing our importing of finished products,”  New Wood Manufacturers Inc. president Bill Noble told The Western Star.
The Western Star reports that the company has been able to reduce lead times, improve inventory control, boost flow, and increase customer satisfaction.
New Wood Manufacturers Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of wood products for use in residential and commercial industries. The company operates a 22,000 square foot facility and employs 16 workers. 

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