2016 Almanac Market Segments: Store Fixtures

Photo By Lozier Corp.

Higher disposable income levels and rising consumer confidence bode well for the estimated $17 billion retail environments sector, according to IBISWorld. Studies also show brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay, but with new materials, design concepts, technologies and interactive devices to make them attractive to consumers.

An October report by design:retail backs this claim. In addition to incorporating tablets for POS digital screens in some stores, retailers are also implementing 3D software design tools, improving lighting and making other upgrades to showcase new and trending products. Research by design:retail  also shows more than three-quarters of the retailers surveyed plan to renovate as many or more stores in 2016 as they did in 2015, and more than half see a stronger retail design industry in the next five years.

What will the stores of the future be like? In the November/December A.R.E-POPAI’s Retail Environments industry experts predict: customized retail stores; the advent of “maker shops” with 3D printers; and stores that integrate artificial intelligence, sensory feedback and a personalized experience.

Store Fixtures & Interiors: display cabinets & cashwraps, POP & full store interiors, kiosks, endcaps, slatwall & systems

Quick Stats

54% of stores plan to increase their capital spending over the next 12 months.

35% of retailers will increase their design staff in 2016.

37% of Canadian public transport commuters bought furniture & home decor online.

Sources: A.R.E-POPAI, design:retail, IBISWorld, NRF, PayPal Canada

Major Players

  • Lozier Corp.
  • idX Corp.
  • L.A. Darling Co.
  • Colony Display
  • Stevens Ind.
  • Fleetwood Fixtures
  • Panel Processing
  • Artitalia Group
  • Amstore Corp.
  • DesignCore Ltd.
  • TJ Hale
  • PIN
  • Premier EuroCase
  • JSI Store Fixtures
  • Wisconsin Built
  • Showbest Fixture

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