The story of SawStop and skin sensing technology is one that almost every woodworker is familiar with. And we at Monarch Metal Fabrication have brought it to life in the form of an animated infographic.

On the surface, it may seem like metal fabrication and woodworking are on opposite ends of the spectrum. But for us at Monarch, it makes sense to bring the two worlds together. The reason?  

We often supply woodworkers with architectural products like panel hanging systems and Z clips. Plus, members of our team routinely use table saws to make custom pieces. So, table saw safety is always kept top of mind.

As a company, we have our eyes set on bridging the gap between the woodworking and metal fabrication industries. To do this, we strive to provide woodworkers and metal fabricators alike with value-based content that’s unique and enjoyable. And that was our goal when we embarked on developing our SawStop infographic.

Since SawStop coverage often generates strong opinions, we attempted to broach this topic in a neutral yet fact-based way. Our hope is that you’re able to develop a more rounded perspective on how far table saw safety and technology have come over the years.

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