Business coach Rubino urges cabinetmakers to ask "The Jenny Craig Question"
May 20, 2020 | 11:49 am CDT

What happened in your life in the past 24 hours that made you come in?

This is the question that helped weightloss giant Jenny Craig become the company that it is today, according to woodworking business coach and podcast host Dominic Rubino. Cabinetmakers need to be asking it too, he says.

Rubino gave a presentation titled "The 4 mistakes spineless and fearful cabinetmakers suffer from" at this week's virtual Wood Pro Expo/Cabinets & Closets event. 

Other questions Rubino urged attendees to ask included: 

“Have any of your friends done ___ lately?" (whatever job they're seeking, i.e., installed new kitchen cabinets) "What did they spend?"

“This kitchen still looks great, why are you changing it?” Press for the real WHY. Get an answer you think is legitimate.

And ask yourself: " Am I a woodshop with a couple of guys or am I a business person who runs a woodshop?" He says to approach it as business person.

Rubino urged attendees to find $500 an hour worth of value in your business; approach a business like its a business - not a woodshop; and to write down things to start, continue, and stop doing at your shop over the next 24 hours. Set those things in your phone calendar.

He also recommended shop owners turn all commute time into education time through podcasts and any other audio learning tool.

Dominic Rubino is the host of the CabinetMakerProfitSystem Podcast. He has also written a few articles on Woodworking Network. Check them out here.


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