Sheet Goods Options
Elias Woodwork

Elias Woodwork stocks a variety of sheet goods to help in new, remodel or refacing projects. Sheet goods are required for a range of projects, including end gables, toe kicks, fillers and refacing veneer applications, says the company. Elias Woodwork offers veneer on paperback or pressure sensitive adhesive backing (PSA) as well as veneers on plywood core in various thicknesses, which are all available in numerous species and finishes.
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Single Spray Gun Diaphragm Pump
Binks - manufactured by Finishing Brands

Binks’ new DX70 Series of Diaphragm Pumps is built for direct feed to a single spray gun. The DX70 pump has a diaphragm no-crease shape. The Air Valve provides smooth, quiet and surge-free paint delivery up to 34 fl. oz/min (1,000 cc/min). The Acetal pump body with stainless steel balls and soft seats allows for universal paint compatibility for solvents and water-based materials and the air operated 1:1 Diaphragm Pump is designed for supply of paints and materials to spray gun and fluid transfer applications.
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Clamp Guide Universal Base for Routers and Circular Saws
Woodcraft Supply LLC

The WoodRiver Clamp Guide Universal Base from Woodcraft is designed to slide accurately in the T-slot found on all WoodRiver clamp guides and WoodRiver guide rails. It is ideal for mounting a circular saw or router to create a precision power tool accessory. The Clamp Guide Universal Base has an 11-1/2-in. x 6- 3/4-in. plate with attached guide block for mounting a user’s circular saw or router. The Universal Base can be set down on the WoodRiver clamp guides or WoodRiver guide rail for plunge cuts. The WoodRiver Clamp Guide Universal Base works with WoodRiver clamp guides or WoodRiver guide rail to add guided precision to a user’s circular saw or router.
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Compact Blowguns for Shop Air Systems
Prevost Corp.

Prevost introduces the new Prevo S1 line of compact blowguns. The composite shell blowguns come equipped with integrated Prevost OEM plugs, available in a variety of nozzles and integrated with a wide range of plug connection configurations. The two model sizes are: standard and pocket. The blowguns are available as a complete system when matched to Prevost’s patented Prevo S1 safety compressed air couplers.
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Lift Hinge Applications for Cabinet Doors
Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp.

Conestoga Wood Specialties offers single door options for wall and refrigerator cabinets. Lift hinge applications for wall cabinet doors continue to gain traction with the design community, and it is an option that affords clear and easy access to the cabinet contents while the door remains out of the way of the user, says Conestoga. A single door option is available on most applicable wall cabinets and all refrigerator tall cabinets.
(717) 445-3363,

Corner Clamping Jig
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler introduces the Clamp-It Corner Clamping Jig. Used in conjunction with the Clamp-It Assembly Square, the Corner Clamping Jig holds two panels together at a 90-degree angle, allowing one person to easily fasten them together. The Corner Clamping Jig features an extra-wide base, high sidewalls and strong Acme threaded clamp screws, designed to hold the panels securely. Thick cushioned pads will prevent marring of the cabinet stock, and mounting holes in the body allow the jig to be anchored in place, if wanted.
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Color-Coordinated Solid Surfacing Adhesives
ITW Polymers Sealants North America
ITW Polymers Sealants introduces Sta’-Put Surfacing Adhesives, also known as the P9000 Series of Surfacing Adhesives. The P9000 Series Surfacing Adhesives are designed to produce tough and virtually invisible bonds on a variety of surfacing materials, including cast polymers, acrylics, polyester blends, engineered quartz, and natural stone. The Sta’-Put Surfacing Adhesives are available in a wide range of colors and are designed to coordinate with all major domestic and international brands of surfacing, both acrylic and polyester and the adhesives also can be custom tinted.

Heavy-Duty Concealed Hinge
Sugatsune America Inc.

Sugatsune introduces the J-95 Heavy-Duty Concealed Hinge. The concealed hinges are easy to install and can be easily adjusted. The J-95 was designed to support heavy doors with only two hinges, and it can support a door with a width of up to 800mm and up to 25kg with a full height door. Typically for large doors, five hinges would be required from top to bottom, says Sugatsune. With the J-95 Heavy-Duty Concealed Hinge, only two hinges are required for heavy doors.

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