How CNCs Impact Return on Investment
December 3, 2013 | 8:29 am CST

In figuring out his company’s ROI before financing a CNC machine, Greg Glodery of 3D Models & Castings evaluated whether current projects would generate the income needed for monthly CNC payments. He also broke down his company’s monthly payment over time for the CNC versus the hourly wage for a new employee, with help from Susquehanna Commercial Finance.

Juan Duran, owner of JD Woodcraft stressed how important ROI was to his company when deciding to purchase a new CNC machine from Laguna Tools, as it was one of the first things he took under consideration. Factors over a given period of time such as reduction in waste, quicker production, and reduced labor and liability were all part of his assessment. These things all made his company’s ROI greater.

“All of these are advantages that come along with the purchase of the CNC, plus the ability to use this purchase as a tax write off,” Duran says. “These are the things we used to calculate the return of investment.”

CNC machines sometime provide a positive ROI because of their ability to lessen labor costs, provide possible tax savings, and produce larger quantities of higher quality products. In addition, well calculated financing can sometimes achieve ROI at a quicker pace than paying cash for the equipment.


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