What’s in a name?

Observant readers will notice a new name on the cover of this magazine, but rest assured that you will still find the trusted contents and informative expert information you have come to expect from us. Beginning with this issue, the name of the magazine changes from CabinetMaker+FDM to FDMC.

Since I joined this enterprise in 1998, there have been a lot of changes in the publications and industries they represent. Back then, I took over as editor of CabinetMaker magazine and focused its direction on small shops under 20 employees. Our sister magazine FDM targeted woodworking businesses larger than 20 employees. At that time there was also a third magazine in the group, udm, which was aimed at the upholstery industry. One of the first big changes was when consolidations in the upholstery industry spelled the demise of udm, but both CabinetMaker and FDM continued to carry some stories related to upholstered furniture as they fit their markets.

Then, with the Great Recession and subsequent upheaval in the woodworking industry, we decided to at least temporarily combine CabinetMaker and FDM in 2009. The combined magazine was very successful, steadily increasing its dominant share of the market. But we also noticed that the industry was changing along with us. Small shops, even one-person operations, were increasingly automating with CNC machines. While at the same time, big companies were reorganizing into manufacturing cells that more resembled small shops. Increasingly, we were telling the same story regardless of shop size.
After we had an ownership change in 2011 and the economy started to come back, it seemed that all things were pointing to permanently consolidating the two magazines and capping that effort with a new and simpler name. After a survey of more than 700 of our readers, we chose FDMC, which plays on the legacy of FDM and CabinetMaker but is a little less of a mouthful in speaking. Equally important is our new tagline: Best Practices for Woodworking Technology and Business.
That’s our mission, regardless of the name. We want to give you the best information to boost both your manufacturing technology and your business smarts. We’re looking forward to 2015. I hope you are, too.

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About the author
William Sampson

William Sampson is a lifelong woodworker, and he has been an advocate for small-scale entrepreneurs and lean manufacturing since the 1980s. He was the editor of Fine Woodworking magazine in the early 1990s and founded WoodshopBusiness magazine, which he eventually sold and merged with CabinetMaker magazine. He helped found the Cabinet Makers Association in 1998 and was its first executive director. Today, as editorial director of Woodworking Network and FDMC magazine he has more than 20 years experience covering the professional woodworking industry. His popular "In the Shop" tool reviews and videos appear monthly in FDMC.