If you’re a designer or architect looking for ways to simplify the design process, your search may lead you to Google – and one of the largest cabinet manufacturers.

KraftMaid is offering 3-D cabinet models as Google SketchUp Dynamic Components in the Google 3D Warehouse. As Dynamic Components, these models make it easier for designers to create functional and personalized spaces for their clients.

“The advanced function built within each of our 3-D models is an industry first for kitchen cabinets,” says Mark Johnson, director of sales & marketing education at KraftMaid. “Since the cabinet collections are modeled as Dynamic Components, designers can show their clients a virtual kitchen, bath, home office or laundry room design with animated cabinet doors and drawers. They can even preview design options like base cabinet rollout drawers for aging-in-place or Universal Design applications.”

The components can be downloaded free from Google 3D Warehouse directly into SketchUp and other residential CAD programs. This makes it easier for customers to experience designs in 3-D and see which options work best for them.

Designers can size and resize the cabinets to any dimensions KraftMaid makes, access specification information embedded within each model and hotlink back to the KraftMaid web site for more information.

KraftMaid Cabinetry is one of the largest manufacturers of semi-custom cabinetry and offers a product selection of more than 100 door styles and more than 45 finish options.

Attributes assigned 

Dynamic Components are SketchUp components to which attributes have been assigned. Attributes can be simple pieces of additional information, such as part numbers and dimensions. Attributes can also contain spatial relationships, such as how two parts are positioned in relation to each other, and behaviors, such as animation and smart scaling.

“Storage opportunities can often be missed when designing a kitchen because clients can’t visualize their cabinetry’s true functionality,” says Johnson. “Dynamic Components allow designers and clients to virtually open doors, pull out drawers and get an understanding of which types of interior storage options will best fit their needs.”

Google SketchUp was developed to provide quick 3-D forms for conceptual stages of design, including a collection of 3-D objects that accelerate the design process, called the Google 3D Warehouse. SketchUp models can be converted into all major CAD products without having to draw designs twice.

KraftMaid Dynamic Components 3-D models are produced by digital media firm Igloo Studios. Igloo Studios is a digital media firm that creates 3-D and video media for architecture, engineering, and construction industry companies.

Download these models from the Google 3D Warehouse; search “Collections” using the search words, “KraftMaid Cabinetry by Masco.”

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