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Your universe of woodworking products is larger and more accessible than ever. We have the largest and most comprehensive woodworking products database in the industry, with more than 2,500 products. Our web site,, is ideal for such a product search.

Our printed directory is also new. The magazine shows you different product areas and company names that you might not be aware of. Previously, readers only saw a list of company names in each category. Now, you can see a specific product for each company in each related product category. It’s completely different than other woodworking magazine directories, both past and present.

The new CabinetMaker+FDM product database offers many features for the woodworking market. You can search by subcategory and see all the products in that section, or sort by company. Your search will also find products related to your search terms.

You can sort by relevance or by date, and you can email product information to a friend, print out individual product information, including the product description, image, and company contact information, all on one page. In addition, the search function on the site itself has been upgraded and is superior to the search function on the old site.

We’ve also streamlined the product categories to make the database easier to use, and we eliminated dozens of categories to make searches easier to do. Products are organized into 10 broad categories: machinery, tooling, small equipment, decorative hardware, functional hardware, supplies, parts and components, finishing and technology.

Another new feature that we believe has great potential is the ability to leave comments and criticisms on each individual product. You’ve been able to leave and read comments on books, music and other products on popular retail sites for years. But it is new for the woodworking market. Your opinion is requested!

If your company is included here, you can be involved by taking a look at the products that we have for your company. You can let us know if we are missing any important product information, and we can remove older obsolete items, if needed.

Who’s got the best woodworking product database? We still do.


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