Masco kitchen study takes the long view

How will social, economic and generational influences affect kitchen design? To better understand, Masco Cabinetry did a study, GenShift 2011: Lifestages Redefining the Kitchen.

The study looked at the characteristics of Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y and what kitchen characteristics were within each group. Each demographic group has subsets, and design professionals need to understand how people in these different life stages have different goals for their kitchens.

A few specifics: Gen Y spends more time in the kitchen than Gen X or Boomers, and could use a computer station and space for a TV. More homeowners want a place for feeding pets than need a place for wine storage.

A multigenerational home may include three generations. (Forty percent of Gen Y expects their parents to move in with them in the future.) The challenge is making a kitchen work well for family members of different ages. Multigeneration design means more attention on easy-to-grasp kitchen hardware and different levels of lighting for different tasks.

People are spending more time in their home. Gen X and Boomers may spend up to a decade in their current house, and are more likely to make home improvements. Nearly all homeowners would choose a semi-open or completely open floor plan if creating their ideal kitchen.

Also, the study found that people wanted more storage for food processors, coffee grinders and gadgets, in a clean design style. Top three kitchen extras were a place to hide small appliances, a place for bulk food and a place for cleaning/recycling. Look for fewer appliance garages and more slide-out trash and recycling bins.

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