Portable table saws are often indispensable on a job site, but they rarely can compete with stationary saws in the shop for accuracy and versatility. Typically, the stock miter gauges and fences that come with them are small, light weight and prone to inaccuracies. Rockler has attacked those issues by developing a small crosscut sled specifically for portable table saws.

Welcome features

The first advantage of any crosscut sled is that the workpiece can be more safely and securely held as it goes through the saw. Rather than being supported on a tiny miter gauge with maybe as little as 6 inches of surface in contact with the workpiece, the crosscut sled supports about 14 inches. A built-in clamping fixture adds more stability.

For repeated precision, a sliding stop on the fence comes into play. For angled cuts, the entire fence moves over a large protractor scale with easy-to-read half-degree increments for a level of precision not possible with tiny miter gauges. A micro-adjusting system makes it easy to zero-adjust the fence.

Adjustable set screws make it simple to adjust the sled’s guide bar to fit any miter slot without slop. And an accessory offcut platform provides an even base so offcuts are fully supported and don’t go flying off or splintering.

Solid construction

Made with melamine coated MDF and a beefy aluminum fence, the crosscut sled should stand up to the job site. Parts that will wear, such as the MDF fence face, are designed for easy replacement. After having struggled with portable job site table saws, using the crosscut sled is a welcome improvement. And at a cost of about $120 it’s a small price to pay for added safety and precision.

More information on the Rockler crosscut sled.

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