Q: We continue to have problems with cherry oxidation. We build doors that go into inventory in our door racks. Occasionally, some stacks may be there for long periods. The edges of the door and panel profile are sanded as the door is being built, but not the faces of the styles and rails. As we pull doors and send them through the final sanding lines, the stiles and rails and the center of the panel get sanded. This leaves a darker edge that was exposed to the air and light while in the door racks. This causes a quality problem for us, as most of our cherry goes out in a natural or light stain. We are proposing to put some type of curtain up around the cherry racks. Will this help? Do you have any suggestions?

A: Light is important and can accelerate the aging of cherry. I am not certain that curtains would work, but they may be worth trying. Perhaps you could darken the freshly exposed surfaces when you do final sanding using an oxidizing agent, or perhaps you could expose the entire door to some intense UV light for a few hours to allow the light areas to "catch up" to the darker areas. Maybe a reader has another suggestion?

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