Everybody who has ever tried to do installation work solo has wished for a “third hand” to help hold something awkward like a long length of crown moulding. The Bench Dog Crown Support available from Rockler is just that kind of help.

What it is 

Clever and simple, the Bench Dog Crown Support is designed to safely support crown mouldings in position while you work to secure them in place with your nailer. The device has two independently adjustable padded supports that gently grip the top and bottom of the moulding. The assembly is spring loaded to apply even pressure against the moulding but still allow for minor sliding and adjusting of the moulding without having to move the support.

To prop the crown support up against the moulding you’ll need an extension pole. The device will mount to most standard painter poles. Rockler also sells a 12-foot telescoping extension pole to go with the crown support. There is also an adaptor available to allow the crown support to be used with the FastCap 3rd Hand Extension, if you already have that tool.

How it works 

Big threaded knobs make it easy to adjust the pads to fit any moulding you are working with. The pads adjust for depth but are held rigidly at a 90-degree angle. Once you apply the support to the moulding, the spring pressure in the unit allows you to wedge the support pole easily to firmly prop the moulding in place. But at the same time, the pressure is not too much to keep you from making minor adjustments without having to move the support.

One of the temptations with a tool like this is to use it for other things besides holding up moulding. That certainly is possible, but I’d be hesitant to use this lightweight device for anything that weighs much more than mouldings. For example, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use it to hold up a cabinet upper.

The Bench Dog Crown Support does exactly what it says it does and very well, making it an extremely handy addition to your installer’s tool kit. It retails for less than $30 without the pole (less than $15 for the pole from Rockler) and is available directly from Rockler as well as many other retailers such as Lowe’s. For more information, visit www.rockler.com.

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