MicroJig to show Grr-Ripper Complete at IWF
August 15, 2018 | 4:21 pm CDT

ATLANTA -- At the International Woodworking Fair this month, MicroJig will launch a new product aimed at halting all table saw injuries, from kickback to finger amputation.

MicroJig, a maker of table saw accessories, is unveiling the Grr-Ripper Complete. This kit has everything a woodworker needs to create projects with top-to-the-line precision, safety and control.

"My dad started this company in his garage and invented the Grr-Ripper because he was tired of how ineffective pushsticks are at controlling material on a table saw," said MicroJig CEO Bruce Wang. "The Grr-Ripper Complete is a culmination of over 15 years of continual innovation and relentless product improvement."

Wang continued, "We are on a mission to end all table saw injuries by 2020. The industry has gotten complacent about protecting the operator, assuming injury is a necessary risk - we think working with wood and building with your hands should be safe for all."

Many woodworking enthusiasts have discovered the ease of the Grr-Ripper, helping to propel the product to No. 1 on Amazon. But Wang says there is still work to be done because each year more than 50,000 are treated for table saw injury.

"A lot of these injuries are senseless," he said. "Woodworkers have been given bad advice, using dumb pushsticks and getting hurt - rather than using the best technology to stay safe. The table saw is one of the most powerful and dangerous power tools in the shop and using exposed hands and sticks are a broken way to operate the tool."

MicroJig will be displaying the new Grr-Ripper Complete at booth No. 6000 at IWF. The company will also have a live demonstration of a kickback machine that will illustrate the extreme danger woodworkers face when they choose not to use the right tool. See http://www.microjig.com.

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