IWF Challengers Award entries for 2018
June 20, 2018 | 5:47 pm CDT

Here is the list of all IWF Challengers Award entries for 2018, along with booth number.


Company Name          Booth #           Entry Name     Model#


Accuride International            604      116RC Heavy-Duty Linear Track System 116RC

Accuride International            604      3160EC Eclipse Undermount 3160EC

Aircle Tech, Inc.          8213    QaX Series of LM Systems QaX1, QaX2, QaX3, QaX4

AkzoNobel Wood Coatings    1862    Spray Stain System with Wipe Stain Aesthetics           

Alfatherm S.p.A.         1408    SERICA

All*Star CNC Products, Inc.     1023    Peg Board Tiles PBT 06 1216

Allmoxy           4266    Industry Connect 1.5.30

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.     5453    AtomiZer Spray Gun 7700

Ardis US, Inc.   4373    Ardis Hands Free Scanning & Sorting System, Ardis Scan & Sort

Axiom Tool Group      8435    Axiom Stratus Air Cleaner AS300

Biesse  7535 7335 7553          Viet Sculpture Pad     

Biesse  7535 7335 7553          Biesse bPad   

Biesse  7535 7335 7553          Sophia IoT      

Bosch Power Tools     7029    Bosch GKF13-225 Track Saw GKT13-225L

Bosch Power Tools     7029    Bosch GHO12V-08 12-Volt Max Planer GHO12V-08N

Bosch Power Tools     7029    Bosch GKF12V-25 12-Volt Max Router GKF12V-25

C.R. Onsrud Inc.          4813    Osync Machine Analytics 3.0  Version 3.0

Cefla North America   7353    J-PRINT TD with my Texture Technology Model #1

Cim-Tech.Com, Inc.     4319    Auto-CIM ACIM-18

Colonial Saw Company           6569    Lamello Cabineo        

Co-Matic Machinery Co., Ltd. 8253    7 Roller Easy Feeder DC70

Compass Software Inc.           4336    Augmented Reality Staircase Showroom      

Doucet Machineries Inc.         5535    ALYX Clamp Carrier Automatic Loading ALYX

Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc.          4466    EagleEye Talon Vision Saw    

EA-Stone Group          2775    Natural Thin Stone Veneer    

Etemplate Systems     4246    Elaser 

Eurosoft, Inc.  4446    Cutting Edge: Real-Time Edgebanding Tracking       

Fasco America 2674    Lignoloc Collated Wood Nails Lignoloc Collated Wood Nailing System

Felder Group USA       6973    Format-4 Creator 950

FIAMA/Automation Continuum Inc.  8241    Multi-Function Measurement Display F-Series

Friulmac          7572    Axymat Axymat-3X

Gema USA, Inc.           2772    OptiStar4.0 CG-20

Hafele America Co.     1840    Hafele ixconnect Spreading Connector SC 8/25 Connector SC 8/25

Hafele America Co.     1840    Hafele Connect Smart Home Various

Hermes Abrasives, Ltd.           539      ProBoard #37492/42

Weinig/Holz-Her        6035    Dynestic Clamex Manufacturing System Dynestic 7505

Hymmen GmbH Maschinen-und Anlagenbau           6441    Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE)    Jupiter Digital Printing Line

Kanefusa USA 4747    Yield Pro thin kerf saw blade

KCD Software  1462    KCD-Cabinotch Order System

Kessebohmer USA      2718    iMove by Kessebohmer         

King Slide Works Co., Ltd.       1618    Simlead Safety Drawer System MA86

Komo Machine, Inc.    6734    Real Time Tool View  

Machine Tool Camp   8188    HARP CNC Machining Center

Micro Jig Inc.   6000    Matchfit Dovetail Clamp DVC-538K2

Miltec UV        7935    Benefits of High Peak Irradiance UV Curing HPI-XR-R20 UV System

Modern Surfaces        2862    PaperStone    

Mohawk Finishing Products   1600    PermaFill Wood Touch-Up & Repair System 

Peak ToolWorks         4728    Endurance Diamond Tooling Woodworking Diamond PCD Grade

Next Wave Automation         2564    Ready2Laser  

Oneida Air Systems    4822    Universal Dust-Free Router Hood AXH000001

Oneida Air Systems    4822    5HP Dust Gorilla Pro with SMART Boost XGK050105H-S35VP

OVVO Ltd.       971      OVVO Drawer Slide Connector #V-1230

Packsize International 8135    EM Series Line of On Demand Packaging Systems

Padsmore Inc. 635      Padsmore VM Block PM-DV1

Pro Edge Technology, LLC       7972    CNC Bore and  Dowel Inserter PET 2440

Pro Edge Technology, LLC       7972    Linear Infrared Dryer PET IR Dryer

Rampa Tec Inc.           953      Rampa SKD330 Insert SKD330

Rangate Inc.    8100    CutterShare   

Rangate Inc.    8100    Rangate FLEXset Shaper Tooling       

Riverside Tool Corp.   4734    SuperSand SAED/SARP/RTR

RSA Solutions 5074    Production Coach Manufacturing Execution System Plus

SAMES KREMLIN         2422    FPro Manual Airspray Spray Gun & FPro Lock (Pressure Only)   Fpro Pressure (HVLP, LVLP and Conventional) & Fpro Lock (Pressure Only)

SCM     6753 6953 7153          SCM Router with HE-POD Technology Morbidelli p200

Shaper             4357    Origin SO1-NN

SonicAire        2233    SonicAire XD2 SA-XD2

Soukup America         8469    Crafter Door and Window Machine  

Stafast Products, Inc.  946      Brain Automation Cell CELL-4AR56RP

SurfPrep Sanding by Dixon Enterprises         8153    SurfPrep Electric Dustless Sanding System

Techniks Tool Group  4728    Atemag Control 4.0 AC Control 4.0

TigerStop        6069    Dynamic Pack Optimization  

USNR   4713    Modular Expandable CLT Press         

Ventless LLC    7375    Ventless Spray Booth Ventless VTLS

Weinig/Holz-Her        6034 6035 6452          Weinig ServoLock Tool Wrench            35036001


Wilsonart        1958    Wilsonart Traceless Laminate

3B S.p.A.         640      Respet  IWF 001

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