European design influence in North America is driving the requirements for larger, thicker and longer panels. The floating shelf, the architectural ceiling beam, and the large format wall or ceiling panel are all examples of this.

Think Lightweight provides a unique product range of lightweight panel products that replace solid materials to the architectural wood market. This lightweight product family meets the increasing demand of weight reduction in panel products.

Think  Lightweight says its panel gave Best Buy a modern brushed aluminum look, without cumbersome, heavy duty hanging systems. The lightweight panels were laminated with an aluminum face and the grooves machined and painted to for a metal look.Weight was so drastically reduced that the wall panels were installed with drop in and lock wall brackets.

Thinklightweight has six unique lightweight panel technology options to meet various market and product demands: • FOAM LIGHT • 3/8” COMB LIGHT • LIGHT TACK • 1/8” COMB LIGHT • 1/8” LUXA LIGHT • STRUCTA LIGHT

Foam light

Think Lightweight Corp. has distributors located strategically throughout North America to ship lightweight sheets and a finished lightweight component program. With over $3 million in lightweight panel processing equipment, Thinklightweight says it provides ships in a timely and cost effective manner. Over the past twenty years, it has manufactured over 16 million lineal feet of lightweight panels.

Appliations include: Shelving • Swing doors for cash counters • Change room doors • Ceiling beams • Trade show panels • Check counters • Architectural ceiling treatments • Room dividers • Wall panels • Furniture components • Conference table tops • Retail store displays

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