Textured, embossed-in-register, thermally-fused laminates (TFL) and high-pressure laminates (HPL) were hot this year at IWF. A number of exhibitors showcased designs that they say feel and look just like wood. 

In “embossed-in-register” laminates, textures are matched with the underlying décor paper's pattern, and the tiny lines imprinted on the surface follow the lines of the grain. Its dramatic level of realism has been attracting designers and manufacturers.

Arauco's new Taction Oak TFL series utilizes embossed-in-register technology to capture and replicate the natural characteristics of an oak grain texture on the plate itself. Ranging from a light gray hue to deep brown, these designs make a bold statement in many applications, says Arauco. The Taction Oak Series were on display at Arauco's IWF booth (#3237).

Stevens Industries' high-definition print renderings of wood species surfaces are matched to textured, embossing patterns in precise register. With colorizing to simulating washed and brushed stains, these laminates almost look better than real wood, says Stevens. Stevens Industries Legno TFL looks like real wood, as demonstrated in the video above. Stevens was at IWF at booth #2337.

Roseburg Cambium Deep Texture
Roseburg's Cambium Deep Texture panels offer tactile realism and a light-catching aspect through its emboss pattern. Cambium is available in 10 designs, including neutral and warm colors that complement a wide palette of hues and patterns. Roseburg was at Booth 2307 at IWF 2016.
Riviera Oak
Uniboard's new Riviera Oak is the newest member of the company's synchronized texture family - featuring a double-sided synchronized finish, and nuanced with delicate gloss variations. Riviera Oak balances shadow and light, and is reminiscent of an oak wood grain, says the company. 
The Sommet Series, from Tafisa Canada, offers a "Viva" texture that's double-sided embossed-in-register. As with the other textured, embossed-in-register laminates, Viva features a strikingly similar feel and appearance to real wood.
Premier EuroCase offers HD textured thermo-fused panels featuring a European influenced design. Roücke deep textured panels can be used for cabinets, office furniture, and store fixtures. Eight woodgrains and three solid colors are offered. They can be sold in fully laminated sheets or processed into finishing components with coordinating laser edgebanding, and no glue line.
Panasphere Premium Surfaces are high quality thermally fused decorative finished laminate panels used for architectural elements, cabinetry, closets and furniture manufacturing. The portfolio is available in a variety of finished styles and thickness in a unique selection of alternatives to veneer, stones and fabrics each with a matching edge band. The company's matches natural surfaces, such as burl wood, with photographic precision. Exhibiting in booth 1326, they promote to designers of commercial interiors at NeoCon, and also position some of their panel products for closet applications.


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