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Italian Woodworking Machinery: 2013 Preliminary Balance

We still have to wait for coveted recovery: as a matter of fact, 2013 has been poor of satisfaction. The preliminary balance about the trend of Italian technology for wood and wood-based materials, processed by Acimall's Studies Office, is quite clear.
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Italian Woodworking Machinery: 2012 Final Balance

These are 2012 final figures regarding woodworking and furniture production technology, tools included, processed by the Studies Office of Acimall, the Confindustria member association representing the companies of the industry
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Italian Woodworking Technology: Germany is the 'Top Customer'

In the final period of 2012, Italian export offered some surprising trends, with a slight improvement of the results of Italian woodworking technology worldwide. This is the evidence given by import/export figures processed by Acimall, the association of Italian manufacturers of woodworking and furniture manufacturing machinery and plants, for the year 2012.
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