For just $9.99, Amazon shoppers can get themselves a set of markers that erase all blemishes and scratches on their wood furniture.
The Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers includes six repair markers and six wax sticks that match the colors of wood likely to be found in a house, including Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and plain black.
More than 1,500 reviews indicate most customers are very happy with the markers - with some saying they work on products other than wood as well.
“Used this on our dining room chairs, laminate flooring and our oak end table,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “The assortment of colors is the biggest plus for this product. Where needed to help blend in each color I used WD40 on a soft cloth and a very fine steel wool. The color I selected for the wood laminate matched perfectly. The dining chairs and end table needed some blending due to the wood grain. This kit is the best I have ever used. I highly recommend it.”
One reviewer also said the markers actually improve the look of the wood.
"This product not only repairs nicks and scratches in wood and laminated products but is excellent for hiding the light exposed edge of veneers. This can dramatically improve the look of inexpensive laminated/veneered shelving, etc."
The biggest complaint seemed to be the markers' broad point, which makes it possible to overstain a thin scratch.
"Because of their broad point, it's easy to overstain the margins of a narrow scratch. Whenever I didn't remove the ink as fast as I applied it, the ink sealed itself to the wood and looked obvious. So, I learned to start off by testing a small portion of the scratch with the lightest color I thought would work and wiping the ink off immediately with a dry paper towel."

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