LONDON - A British woman is planning to sue bedroom furniture supplier Beds Are Uzzz after she says she sustained a serious spinal injury while having sex. 
Claire Busby has been paralyzed since the 2013 incident, in which she claims she was "catapulted" by the bed while having intimate relations with her partner. After being thrown from the bed, Busby's head struck the floor and she "heard like a spring in by body snap."
Beds Are Uzzz, one of England's leading bedroom furniture suppliers, deny they are liable for the injury. 
Busby says they're liable because the two divan bases holding up the mattress were not correctly fastened together. She also says two feet or gliders were missing from the bed.
The bed supplier says that if the gliders were not properly attached, the bed would not have collapsed the way Busby says it did.
The case is currently being tried.

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