Some of Ikea’s vintage furniture items are selling for thousands of dollars around the world.

Online auction site Barnebys co-founder Pontus Silfverstolpe told the Daily Mall that certain vintage items from the Swedish furniture giant are going for up to $65,000.

"Our records show that there is a huge demand, greater than ever before, for vintage Ikea furniture,” said Silfverstolpe. “There has been a big boom within the last year that has been felt in markets all across the world.”

Not just any furniture is selling big however. It’s usually the furniture released in limited quantities and created by designers who became famous later.

An example is Ikea’s clam chair, which, released in 1944 – a year after Ikea was founded – is selling for up to £50,000, or $64,000.

Some items are going for more than 10 times their original price.

Ikea's 1990s Nejlika porcelain set sold for more than $1,200 on Bukowskis.

"Unlike many of their items today, Ikea's older products were actually made very well and have stood the test of time," said Silfverstolpe.

So if you’re planning on getting rid of your old Ikea furniture, it might be worthwhile to see how much it’s going for.

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