Lying down on the job is no longer a bad thing. It's merely a productive alternative to sitting, standing or collaborating — all positions possible with the Altwork Station.

Altwork Station

Watch this YouTube video showing the Altwork Station's development and how it works

Available in mid-2016, the Altwork Station retails for $5,900; pre-orders start at $3,900. Manufactured by Altwork in Sonoma County, California, the workstation features an integrated monitor and desk which stay consistent distances from eyes and hands, no matter the position of the chair. Magnets along the rim of the mouse pad and keyboard help keep them in position against the 29-inch by 16-inch woodgrained desktop.

The chair itself looks more like a dentist's chair than traditional office furniture, including head and leg rests. All components move easily into the desired position at the touch of a button. The entire setup is movable on casters and takes 18 square feet of space. It is designed for workers ranging in size from 5 feet, 1 inch, to 6 feet, 4 inches, and up to 250 pounds.


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