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May 13, 2019 | 3:36 pm CDT
Nearly 700 woodworking industry professionals attended Wood Pro Expo Lancaster 2018.

LANCASTER -- Wood Pro Expo returns to the Spooky Nook Sports Center October 17-18 in Manheim, PA near Lancaster. According to show manager, Lewis Goldman, the 2018 event was a success on all levels with attendees and exhibitors.  He said the floorplan will be increased by 25% to accommodate the 2019 event.   Last year’s event had 12,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space.   “We’ve had a good number of returning exhibitors sign up already and response has been excellent from first time exhibitors,” said Goldman.  Nearly 700 woodworking industry professionals attended Wood Pro Expo Lancaster 2018.

Another hallmark of Wood Pro Expo Lancaster is a firm commitment to learning.  Educational features will include two free keynotes, the Running Machinery Program and classroom sessions.

FDMC’s renowned editor, Will Sampson, will kick off Day 1 of the two-day event with his keynote, “Path to Professionalism. “  Aimed at woodworking businesses starting out or ones that still struggle from time to time, this presentation explores business fundamentals specifically for woodworking shops with an emphasis on custom work.  will include business practices, efficient production, effective marketing, and secrets some shops don’t learn for decades.

The Wood Doctor, Eugene Wengert, will launch Day 2 of Wood Pro Expo Lancaster with his keynote, “The Wood Dr. is in.”  Is your business Blood Pressure too high?  Get a prescription from the Wood Dr. on how to survive and do even better than before in spite of today’s wood availability, wood quality, economic conditions, employee issues, and more. His wide-ranging presentation will address the changes in the industry and what woodworkers can do about them. 

Wood Pro Expo Lancaster is once again collaborating with the Cabinet Makers Association to provide educational sessions at the event. Wood Pro Expo Lancaster is once again collaborating with the CMA to provide educational sessions at the event on October 17. The first session, A systematic approach to comparing estimated to actual costs will be presented by Ken Kumph, of Premier Builders in Georgetown, MA. Kumph will share his job costing strategies to assess profitability and aid in decision-making for pricing and managing future projects. If you are interested in learning how to control costs and optimize your spend, then this seminar is a must attend.

The second CMA session is titled, Running a One or Two Man Shop: How to make it all work presented by James Fox, Fox Woodworking in Phoenixville, PA. Fox will share tips and trips from his own experience running a one (and sometimes two) man shop. Whether you are just starting out in the business or have been operating your shop for years, James will provide valuable insights to help you manage your workload.

 In addition, the CMA will feature plant tours on October 16, the day before the show begins.

Another highlight from 2018 that will be repeated again this year is the Running Machinery Program, in which exhibitors will provide educational demonstrations of key aspects of woodworking, finishing and other processes.  The program is aimed at giving participants a comprehensive understanding of the machines and systems on display.

About the Spooky Nook Sports Center/Warehouse at the Nook

The Spooky Nook Sports Center/Warehouse Hotel at the Nook sits on 65 acres and was once an old Armstrong World Industries distribution center and is nearly twice the size of the next biggest sports complex facility in the country.

Conveniently located in the heart of woodworking Lancaster’s woodworking industry the facility is 32 miles from Harrisburg, 85 miles from Philadelphia and 15 miles from Lancaster.  It features 600,000 square feet of event spaces and 130 rooms on-site and fitness amenities.

According to a recently conducted survey of 2018 Wood Pro Expo Lancaster attendees 84% said they would attend a Wood Pro Expo event in the future. Here are some other Wood Pro Expo Lancaster attendee demographics:

• 80.5% have been in the industry for more than 10 years and another 13% have been in the industry for at least a year

• More than 50% drove 25-100 miles to attend the event

• 97.5 % either specify, recommend or are the final decision-maker on purchasing for their company

Wood Pro Expo is a regional event for woodworking businesses that brings together suppliers and experts for a localized presentation of equipment and supply solutions. WPE includes a strong educational program on best practices for shop production - including CNC basics, employee recruitment, finishing, lean manufacturing, business management, software, and shop safety - and an expo floor with equipment and supplies geared to small and medium-size shops. Wood Pro Expo was collocated with the Cabinet & Closets Conference & Expo March 6-8, 2019  in Charlotte.  It will return as a collocated event March 11-13 in Arlington, Texas.

Registration for Wood Pro Expo Lancaster will open May 15.


To reserve booth space, advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Lewis Goldman, [email protected] 800-969-2212.


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