CNC Factory sponsors WPE keynotes
September 27, 2018 | 2:40 pm CDT

LANCASTER, PA -- CNC machinery manufacturer, CNC Factory, will sponsor the keynotes at the Lancaster Wood Pro Expo October 18-19.  CNC Factory's founder, Chris Corrales, will introduce Will Sampson on Thursday, October18 at 8 a.m and Dr. Eugene Wengert on Friday, October 19 at 8 a.m.
CNC Factory builds value-priced, easily-operated CNCs designed for high woodworking production, in their facilities in Santa Ana, California. CNC Factory will be exhibiting in Booth 205 with the company's new Python XPR with labeling and printing.

Chris Corrales, owner of CNC Factory, will introduce the Wood Pro Expo Lancaster's keynote speakers.

"It's important for regional woodworking events to be available for shop owners as we dig into challenges and solutions faced by the industry every day," Corrales says. "That is why CNC Factory sponsors Wood Pro Expo. When we get out in front of our business hurdles with real-world, applicable, proven solutions, everyone wins!"      

CNC Factory designs, builds and manufactures their own brand of CNC machines. “With CNC Factory located in the United States, we integrate new technology into CNC systems quicker and more skillfully than any other CNC manufacturer in the world,” Corrales says

William Sampson will present his popular 2018 Pricing Survey as the opening keynote..  Titled, Solving the Pricing Puzzle 2018, the session will address the perennial pricing issue facing woodworking companies.  Learn if you are you charging the right price for your work.  Sampson takes you inside the results of the 2018 FDMC Pricing Survey for custom woodworking. You’ll learn what other shops charge for the same work, fundamentals of pricing custom work, and common pitfalls to avoid in your pricing process.

Dr. Wengert will headline Day 2 (October 19)  of Wood Pro Expo Lancaster with his opening keynote, The Wood Doctor is in.  His wide-ranging presentation will address the changes in the industry and their effects on the typical woodworker's business.  "No doubt that many basics in our industry are changing, " said Wengert.  "We'll look at changes in wood availability, wood prices, wood product market changes and more, and then what we can do to be ready- -to minimize the impact or even benefit from these changes."  He'll also save some time to field questions from the audience on practical or technical challenges you encounter in lumber and panel - the Q+A's in FDMC magazine that have made him such a treasured woodworking industry resource.


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