Registration opens for 2024 WCMA regional plant tour event

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding is a stop on the WCMA's 2024 plant tour event.

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LINDSTROM, Minn. — Registration is now open for the Wood Component Manufacturers Association’s (WCMA’s) 2024 Regional Plant Tour Event. The WCMA event that will be held June 3-4 in Auburn, Maine. 

The event includes tours of five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and allows attendees to see advanced machinery in action and network with others in the industry.

Plant Tours
Thos. Moser Furniture – Auburn, Maine 
Thos. Moser was founded over 50 years ago with the intent of restoring the lost art of making furniture well. Today, some 70 men and women in their workshop continue to craft pieces the same way they did at the beginning: one piece, one craftsman, one signature. They rely on sustainable North American hardwoods, traditional joinery executed by hand, and individual workmanship. They are guided by their mission to build furniture that celebrates the natural beauty of wood, is of simple, unadorned, graceful lines; and is crafted for a long useful life.

Mathews Brothers Windows – Belfast, Maine
Twelve years before the Civil War, in 1854, the Mathews Brothers started making windows. Although they no longer make their products from wood, they still adhere to the high standards of quality they’ve practiced for over 165 years. They continue to make windows and doors that are among the most energy efficient in the world, as they marry traditions and history with cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with products of unsurpassed quality. They don't just make windows, they make history. They don't just have customers, they have "raving fans”.

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding – Thomaston, Maine
Since 1978, Lyman-Morse has stood out for their fusion of design, technology, and craftsmanship. Designers like C. Raymond Hunt & Associates, Sparkman & Stephens, and Stephens Waring Yacht Design praise their yachts as some of the finest afloat, and discerning captains and owners seek out their service crews in Thomaston, Maine, and at their marina in Camden when they need a refit done right and on budget. Supported by on-site fabrication and advanced composites divisions and the latest technology, the Lyman-Morse crew can handle any project, whether it’s building a carbon-fiber ocean racer, refitting a luxurious motor yacht, or adding a detail to your high-end home.

Lyman-Morse’s broad-ranging capabilities are showcased not only by the skilled people who work at their boatyards in Thomaston and Camden, but also by their modern and expansive facilities. The combination of their state-of-the-art equipment with some of the world’s finest craftsmen has allowed them to develop many areas of expertise in both the marine and non-marine world. They work with architects, interior designers, business and homeowners, and boat owners to meet even the most unique needs.

WoodEx Bearing Company Inc. – Georgetown, Maine
Since 1905, Woodex has produced a bearing material from rock maple, impregnated with petrolatum wax. This highly-durable material is used extensively in wet and dry screw and roll conveying machinery, frequently in agricultural service. When the inevitable sand or grit invades the journal interface, a wood bearing compresses, absorbing the pollutant into its surface, and covering it with a film of oil. The substance which typically destroys shafts becomes a benign part of the bearing! The wood releases lubricant when the shaft begins to spin and the journal interface heats; when the shaft stops and the journal cools, the natural capillary action of the wood retrieves the lubricant. Woodex bearings are thus permanently lubricated. Woodex manufactures direct replacement parts for Arguto® and Pobco® oil-impregnated wood bearings.

MECO Seals – Georgetown, Maine
For many of the world’s leading battery, electric vehicle, plastics, and food manufacturers, MECO full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seals play an integral role in the safe, efficient production of countless products.

Because each client faces unique manufacturing needs, they work as custom solutions partners—designing, engineering, and fabricating split and unsplit shaft seals for rotating process machinery used in highly specialized applications. Whether your process calls for mixer seals, dryer seals, conveyor seals, extruder seals, blender seals, paper pulper seals or seals that satisfy European ATEX standards for explosive environments, their engineers employ cutting-edge design and application-appropriate materials to arrive at the ideal custom seal solution for your needs.

Registration for the event is open and those interested can register by visiting our website,


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