LAS VEGAS- Marxent, a developer of virtual reality and augmented reality technology for enterprise retailers and manufacturers, is exhibiting and presenting at the 2016 NAHB International Builders Show (IBS), currently underway. Attendees have an opportunity to experience Marxent’s innovative VisualCommerce – a virtual products platform which can create entire 3D virtual and augmented showrooms.

“Imagine carrying 10,000+ product samples — essentially an entire 3D showroom — in your pocket,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and co-founder of Marxent. “No more physical samples or showrooms, no more wasted costs and no more regretful, unsatisfied shoppers. The complete retail experience from sales and marketing to the in-store experience and purchase is revolutionized. That’s what we’ll be discussing in our panel, as well as what we’ll be showcasing on the show floor through our VisualCommerce virtual products platform.”

On display are the Lowe’s Holoroom, and AZEK and TimberTech augmented reality design applications.


Lowe's Adds Holoroom Immersion 3D Cabinetry Visualizer at 19 U.S. Stores

Lowe's Holoroom, an augmented reality room visualizer that lets customers walk right into a virtual kitchen cabinet design, will be installed in 19 stores across the United States beginning this month. 

Holoroom is the first Oculus virtual reality kitchen and bath design studio that allows users to customize and visualize home improvement projects in 360-degree virtual reality. When a user is satisfied with their design, it may be exported to YouTube 360 for sharing and viewing at home with a Google Cardboard.

In the AZEK design app, contractors or customers can place a printable marker on where they'd like, for example, a new deck to be, and start customizing finishes and choosing railings. Augmented reality technology displays the virtual deck as if it were actually there.

These platforms are being shown firsthand through a live demo of an Oculus VR kitchen and bathroom design studio, located in the South Hall – Booth S1259, at IBS.

In an effort to shed light on the benefits of employing virtual and augmented reality technology, Besecker and CPG International CMO Julia Fitzgerald explored how big-name companies like AZEK Building Products, TimberTech, and Lowe’s are using augmented and virtual reality to display products in a buyer’s real environment in the exhibitor forum “The Infinite Showroom: How Augmented Reality is Redefining Home Improvement.” They also discussed the future of marketing building products and selling home improvement projects, and how augmented reality can be used as a tool to keep the sales experience fresh and exciting.

“As virtual and augmented reality become more mainstream this year, home improvement retailers and manufacturers will realize the benefits of these complex technologies as they relate to their industry,” said Besecker. “One benefit in particular is in helping to upsell certain products and materials to consumers. Now instead of having to go to a physical showroom and sort through thousands of samples, they can realistically customize and visualize their home improvement projects in real time with user-generated content. The typically drawn-out and hectic process of a remodel or home improvement project is eased, and even improved, for the customer.”

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