Trend watching is not only fun, it’s a key to business success, because good design is good business. 
The 2017 NeoCon show in Chicago, the blockbuster event for commercial interior designers, had a couple of design trend surprises.

Trending: Mauve and Macrame 

Yes, I said macrame (bonus for anyone who sends me a pic of something they macramed themselves in their youth!).


These are the easiest to translate into your projects. I’ve always loved metallics in fashion as a basic (to heck with that little black dress) and find them one of my best tools for amping up the “wow” factor in any of my design projects.
Hardware accessories (like door and drawer pulls) make this trend easy to incorporate. Pay close attention to warm tone rose golds and antiqued brass along with copper (my ultimate fave!). 
These colors first showed up at KBIS 2013, and I must say I was shocked and having flashbacks to the shiny brass of yore. Now, I’ve come to really like them, which is good because they’re here in full force.


It’s hard not to think 80’s and “mother-of-the-bride dresses” when I see mauve. But when it’s mixed with rose gold, it’s stunning. 
A few ways you can incorporate this color into your designs:
-Paint color on the walls 
-A section of drawers with glass doors and mauve backing that shows through or -Mauve colored jewelry inserts.


This isn’t as much about literally adding in macrame, it’s about things being woven and texturized. 
We see this in our material selections as textured melamine materials evolve and become more lifelike. 
Textures can also be incorporated via the accessories like baskets and even embellished hardware. It can also show up in the carpeting and window coverings that share space with what we create.
So what are your thoughts on these trends? Are there any you really resonate with and are excited by?  Any plans to use one of them in an upcoming project?
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