LEBANON, IN – Festool USA has just won two Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) for the TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw and the BHC 18 Cordless Rotary Hammer. The TSC 55, which won the 18V cordless track saw category, is described as being the most versatile, precise cutting system available, and is able to cut through 100 meters of sheet goods on a single charge.  The BHC Rotary Hammer, which won the 18V cordless rotary hammer category, has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class and has a compact and ergonomic C-handle design. Festool introduced both tools earlier in 2015.

PTIA judges’ comments about Festool’s winning tools:

TSC CC Cordless Track Saw: Festool’s 18V Track Saw is more than just a circular saw on a track. It’s a precision track saw that really does offer incredibly straight cuts. Powered by two batteries, those cuts are also powerful. One of the things Festool does really well is design tools around a system – a system that usually includes class-leading dust collection. The TSC 55 is no exception and even does a phenomenal job of dust collection with just the collection bag attached to the dust port.

FestoolBHC Rotary Hammer: What really set Festool’s BHC Rotary Hammer apart from the competition is its vibration reduction that results in some of the smoothest drilling we’ve ever experience in this class of tool. Elegant under pressure as always, Festool seems to have brought a sense of control to a very aggressive tool.

“We’re thrilled that both the TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw and the BHC 18 Cordless Rotary Hammer won,” says Steve Rangoussis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Festool USA. “The 18V categories are extremely competitive and these awards represent Festool’s success in providing professionals with tools that truly help them work more efficiently and with better results."

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